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Garfield Hts. Coin Club Library 
The following is a list of materials available to rent.  Materals listed below are categorized by material type.  You must be an active GHCC member to rent materials.  Materials are rented for one month at a time.  Please see the Librarian for additional information.

Favorite All Time Silver Dollars by Randy Campbell & Al Johnbrier (43 minutes long) 2016
How to Avoid Numismatic Bad Deals and Rip-Offs by Sandy Pearl & Tony Swicer (58 min) 2016
Era Of Hometown Bank Notes 2004
Jefferson Nickel Collecting by Bill Fivaz (57 min) 2004
Current Pricing of Toned Coins by Andrew W. Kimmel (59 min) 2003
Selling of Classic US Commemorative Half Dollars (41 min) 2015
Patriotic Civil War Tokens by Susan Trask & David Bowers (51 min) 2015
PNG “Sharing the Knowledge” Modern Coins by Scott Schecter (70 min) 2009
Money: History in your Hands (narrated by James Earl Jones) (30 min) 1995

signed out: Grading Buffalo Nickels, Grading Mercury Dimes and AU/BU Coin Grading 
Whitman Guide Books
          Grading Guide for Modern US Coins 1st edition
          Photograde Official Photographic Grading Guide for US Coins 18th edition 
          (Off. Red Book) Guidebook of US Coins Prof. Edition 3rd edition 
          (Off. Red Book) Guidebook of US Coins 2011 64th edition
          (Off. Red Book) Guidebook of US Coins 2016 69th edition
          (Off. Red Book) Guidebook of Lincoln Cents 
          (Off. Red Book) Guidebook of Hard TImes Tokens
          (Off. Red Book) Guidebook of US Type Coins
          (Off. Red Book) Guidebook of Modern US Proof Coin Sets
          (Off. Red Book) Guidebook of Washington and State Quarters
          (Off. Red Book) Guidebook of Morgan Silver Dollars
          (Off. Blue Book) Handbook of US Coins 2016
Books by Q.  David Bowers
          Grading Coins by Photographs (An Action Guide to the Collector and Investor) (2008)
          US Coins by Design Types (1986)
          US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars (1986)
          A Buyer’s Guide to Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars of the US (2006)
          The Experts Guide to Collecting & Investing in Rare Coins (2005)
Books by Scott Travers
          The Coin Collector’s Survival Guide (4th Edition) (2003)
          The Coin Collector’s Survival (5th Edition) (2004)
Striking It Rich with Pocket Change (Error Coins Bring Big Money) by Brian Allen & Ken Potter 2006
The Royal Canadian Mint And Canadian Coinage (1986)
Currently Signed out:  2017 Red book