Garfield Heights Coin Club
Buy, Sell, Trade, Appraise, Learn, Teach, Eat, Laugh, Enjoy, Network

Meet The Officers

Elected officers include President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. 
All other officer positions are appointed .
  1. Ron Terrill, Vice President
    1. Loves to yell " fifty, fifty!"
  2. Harriette Starr, Sec/Treasurer
    1. Raffle ticket queen 2. Puts up with her husband smoking cigars, boxes of them!
  3. Louis Raffis, President
    1. Astute collector of Obsoletes 2. World Traveler
  4. Frank Buckwald, Auctioneer
    1. A.K.A. "The Closer"
  5. Al Walter, Auction Assistant #1
    1. Loves to travel 2. Expert at Retirement 3. Has a never-ending stockpile of foreign coins by the bag
  6. Julian Raclawski, Auction Assistant #2
    1. Hoards Indian Cents 2. Hoards Whitman Folders
  7. Mike Mazurkiewicz, Librarian
    1. Is a teacher 2. Secretly is a silver-stacker
  8. John Rebic, Public Relations Coordinator
    1. Works for St. Vincent Charity Homecare 2. Speaks Polish

Join Our Team

Are you looking for ways to help?  Speak to an officer of the club.  See our GHCC officers page.